Work & Culture

Work & Culture is a series of Working Papers circulated by the Initiative on Labor and Culture at Yale University.

The purpose of the series is to disseminate the collaborative research by members of the Working Group on Globalization and Culture, as well as work presented at the Initiative on Labor and Culture. Papers available in PDF form have highlighted links; for information on other papers, please contact the Working Group.

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Society of Security, 2010.1

The Long History of “Homeland Security,” Eli Jelly-Schapiro, 2010.2

“…for the sake of national security”, Henriette Rytz, 2010.3

Postsocialist Nostalgia for Security, Rossen Djagalov, 2010.4

Narrativizing Security, Raisa Sidenova, 2010.5

Tools of Discipline, Monica Muñoz Martinez, 2010.6

Striking Security, Michael Denning, 2010.7

Securing Serviceable Bodies, Yenisey Rodriguez, 2010.8

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Another World is Possible: Forms of Hope, Longing and Utopia, 2009.1

Workers for the World: Construction Labor and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Eli Jelly-Schapiro, 2009.2

Third World Project: Planet for the Wretched, Charlie Samuya Veric, 2009.3

Literature as Social Knowledge: Dave Eggers’s What is the What, Amina El-Annan, 2009.4

Lost and Found: Re-Covering Loss and Utopia in Migrant Sad Songs, Van Truong, 2009.5

The Subjects of Utopia, The Subjects of No Place, David Stein, 2009.6

“We Are the Creative Ones”: Collective Creativity in Corporate Fashion Design, Christina Moon, 2009.7

Another World is Sounding: Music, Prophecy, Utopia, and the Decolonization of the Ear, Michael Denning, 2009.8

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Worlds and Contact Zones: The Voluntown Papers, 2008.1

Report on Coca-Cola Fieldwork, Amanda Ciafone, 2008.2

The Spectre of Wageless Life, Michael Denning, 2008.3

The Transnational Poetics and Politics of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, Amina El-Annan, 2008.4

The Links that Bind Us: The Afro-Asian Writers’ Movement, Rossen Djagalov, 2008.5

The Limits of Free Agency: Dominican Professionals in the Modern Baseball World, Daniel Gilbert, 2008.6

L.A. Fashion Family, Christina Moon, 2008.7

Testifying to Rightlessness, A. Naomi Paik, 2008.8

The Work of Women, Ariana Paulson. 2008.9

Sundays at the Swap Meet: Toward a Postmodern Geography of Self, Van Truong, 2008.10

Planet of Cultural Studies, Charlie Samuya Veric, 2008.11

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Audiopolitics: Measures of Global Soundscapes, 2007.1

Sounds of Torture, A. Naomi Paik, 2007.2

Biopolitical Radio, Charlie Samuya Veric, 2007.3

Send Me Home: Country Music and the Audiopolitics of Diaspora, Van Truong, 2007.4

The Audiopolitics of Customer Service, Daniel Gilbert, 2007.5

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing Coke Jingles, Amanda Ciafone, 2007.6

The Music of International Socialism, Rossen Djagalov, 2007.7

Noise Uprisings: Decolonizing the Ear, Michael Denning, 2007.8

Caceroleo: Neoliberalism and the Sound of Popular Mobilization in the Americas, Kirsten Weld, 2007.9

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, The Tepoztlan Papers: Essays in Transnational Cultural Studies, 2006.1

Liberal Che Guevaras: Projecting Civil Society in the Former Second World, Rossen Djagalov, 2006.2

Expanding the Strike Zone: Baseball’s World System in the Age of Free Agency, Daniel Gilbert, 2006.3

The “Visible Scapegoats” of US Imperialism: HIV Positive Haitian Refugees and Carceral Quarantine at Guantanamo Bay, A. Naomi Paik, 2006.4

Representing Global Labor, Michael Denning, 2006.5

The Soul of Neo-Liberalism, Bethany Moreton, 2006.6

El Archivo: Discovering Guatemala’s National Police Records, Kirsten Weld, 2006.7

Bottling Coke in Colombia, Amanda Ciafone, 2006.8

Transnational Desires, Imaginings, and Self-Making: Japanese Migrants in New York City, Olga Sooudi, 2006.9

Postcard from the Field: Thoughts on 1990s New York and Fashion, Christina Moon, 2006.10

Sisters in Struggle: The Pollitical Transformations of Sister Cities since the Cold War, Ariana Paulson, 2006.11

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, Breaking Down the Ivory Tower: the University in the Creation of Another World, 2005.1

Lineaments and Contradictions of the Neoliberal University System, Michael Denning, 2005.2

Community Organizing and Economic Development in the University-Hospital City, Sumanth Gopinath, 2005.3

edu Migrations: Historical Mobility in the World Educational System, Rossen Djagalov, 2005.4

The International Graduate Student: Work in the Neoliberal University and Life in the National Security State, Christina Moon, 2005.5

Education and Empire, Old and New, A. Naomi Paik, 2005.6

Endowing the Neoliberal University, Amanda Ciafone, 2005.7

The Corporate University and the Public Intellectual, Daniel Gilbert, 2005.8

An Ethnographic Perspective on the Challenges of Organizing Academic Labor in Anthropology, Nazima Kadir, 2005.9

No Child Left Behind: Military Recruitment under the Bush Administration, Myra C. Jones-Taylor, 2005.10

Working Group on Globalization and Culture, The Cellphone Project: Demobilizing, Delinking, Disconnecting the Commodity Chain, 2004.1

Ringtones, Or The Auditory Logic of Globalization, Sumanth Gopinath, 2004.2

Cellular Phantasmagoria: Stealth Towers, Roaming Borders and Global Cities in the Air, Andrew Friedman, 2004.3

Congo Coltan: Cellular Communication Connecting to Conflict, Kevin Woods, 2004.4

The Labor Chain of the Cell Phone, Michael Denning, 2004.5

Cell Phones and Squatters: A Case Study of the Differential Impacts of Globalization, Nazima Kadir, 2004.6

The Cell: Surveillance, Social Control and Social Movements in the Age of the Cellular Phone, Amanda Ciafone, 2004.7

Moving For(u)ms: Translating the Cultural Politics of the World Social Forum, Nikhil Anand, 2004.8