Initiative on Labor and Culture

About the Initiative

The Initiative on Labor and Culture at Yale University is a research center that seeks to understand the emergence of a global labor force, and the social and cultural transformations in work, working peoples, and labor movements around the world.

Drawing on currents in labor history, cultural studies, the sociology of work, working-class studies, and the study of ethnicity, race, gender and migration, the Initiative explores the cultural forms and social formations created by working people in the midst of changing labor processes and migration patterns, as well as forms of ethnic, class, and gender conflict and social movement solidarities.

The Initiative includes: 

Work & Culture, a series of online Working Papers.

“Workers of the World,” a series of speakers and colloquia on international labor studies.

“A Decade of ‘New Voice’ Unionism: Reconsidering the US Labor Movement,” a series of speakers and colloquia on the US labor movement.

“Social Movement Activism after Yale,” a series of conversations with Yale graduates active in social justice movements.

“Reconsidering Historical Materialism,” a series of lectures and colloquia in collaboration with the Whitney Humanities Center’s Working Group on Marxism and Cultural Theory.

“Remapping Cultural Studies,” a series of speakers and colloquia on cultural studies and cultural history.

The Working Group on Globalization and Culture, a continuing research group.